This is a perosnal project that I have worked on for a while. This hero asset has come to life after playing a fair amount of War Thunder. The idea behind the project was to go full out on details and accuracy, I have modeled every bump and shape, including the screws rathar than using normals. The measuremtn are and dimensions are as accurate as I could get them, as this is still a in service - classified millitart vehicle so there are not a lot of materials such as blueprints that I could find. This project has tought me a lot, it taught me a few things about workflow and modelling, however it has taught me a lot about the features of substance painter , probably most importat of all the smart materials and generating texture maps.
Underneath you can see some renders of the model with no textures on as well as some wireframes. The asset has 72000 verts, without the back mesh wire mesh whcih could easily be done using a texure with opacity. The only reason why it is done this way was because it the aim of the project was to use geometry for all the details rathar than normals and opacity as usual.

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